Graphic Design Intern

Emily Streit is our Graphic Design Intern this summer. She’s actually a natural graphic designer during every other season of the year as well!

Emily hails from Batavia, Illinois, in the greater Chicagoland area. She is currently a Sophomore at North Central College where she is working towards her Graphic Design Major with a Minor in Marketing. She works as a Graphic Designer for North Central’s athletic department, creating eye-catching artwork for various sporting events. If that’s not enough, she is also the Publicist/Graphic Designer for her campus Swing Dance Society.

When she’s not studying graphics, working her school graphics jobs, or working her summer graphic design internship, she’s busy with plenty of other non-graphic-related things! You may have guessed she swing dances. Hey, it’s almost the 20’s again, right? Ask her to show you the Charleston, Lindy Hop, or East Coast dances. The rest of us can show her at least two left feet. Speaking of left feet, Emily is left-handed and proud of it!